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Texas Shaped Wall and Floor Tiles - Manufacturer plus specialty Texas Tiles

Welcome to Texas Shaped wall tiles.  An exciting product with tremendous commercial appeal throughout the entire state of Texas as illustrated in these few photos taken during remodeling of the entire front counter and back wall of the Cowtown Bowling Palace, Fort Worth, Texas, July 2010.  We invite you to view the entire project from beginning to end.  (Cowtown Bowling Palace Pics)
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Laying Texas
 Shaped Tiles

Side of Counter
before grouting

Texas Adding
Beautiful Color



Texas Shaped

Ceramic White pepper specked Wall Tiles
Texas Shaped

Ceramic Beige Wall Tiles
Available In All Of These Great Colors
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Ceramic Wall Tile Price (Interior Use Only)
6" Tiles
(Measured East to West)
$30.00 Sq. Ft.
(Any Color)